Transaction Processing

Visa, MasterCard, American Express Credit Card, Interac Debit Card & Mobile Payments Including Apple Pay 

Are inflated fees and service charges cutting into the revenue you could be making? Some payment processing providers seem to be more interested in their own profits than yours.

At Collective Point of Sale Solutions, we provide the total solution your business needs to accept and process debit cards & credit cards safely, securely and profitably.

We have the transaction processing solution that your business needs! We can set you up with a merchant account to accept Interac®, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  You’ll enjoy the guaranteed lowest transaction rates and a speed to market that’s second to none.

On top of that, we offer P.O.S. terminals, merchant accounts, gift cards, prepaid phone/cell phone cards, cash back options, convenience fees and more, all with the following service commitment:

We strive to do everything faster, better and more cost-effectively!

  • Save Money on Debit and Credit Card Processing. Collective P.O.S. guarantees the absolute lowest transaction rates. If you ever find a lower rate, we’ll beat it.
  • Save Wait Time and Make More Sales. Our high-speed transaction processing rates are among the fastest in the industry. You could serve two customers instead of one in the same amount of time, creating a better customer experience and putting more money in your pocket sooner.
  • Enjoy Peace-of-Mind with Our Lifetime Warranty. We’ve got you covered and will always be there when you need us, to get you and the equipment you rely on, back in business fast.
  • Get Access to Unlimited Technical Support at No Extra Charge.
  • Get up and Running in as Soon as 2-3 Business Days. Our proprietary, scalable front-end transaction processing infrastructure allows us to open merchant accounts and fill new orders to get you going quickly. Other payment processing providers typically take 2-3 weeks.
  • Receive a FREE Statement Analysis of Your Current Statement. We assign a Certified Account Executive to analyze your current business and/or merchant services provider to find ways of saving you time and money. Then we work with you to customize a suite of solutions specifically tailored to help you optimize your business.
  • Opt to Purchase or Rent. You can purchase our secure, chip-enabled, smartcard-ready P.O.S. credit & debit terminals or choose to rent.
  • Make Money on Debit Card Processing.  You can generate additional revenue when you apply convenience fees to purchases and offer your customers popular cash-back options.
  • Generate Extra Revenue. We have standard or custom Gift Cards and prepaid Telephone Cards that put cash in your pocket upfront.
  • Save Time on Paperwork. Every month, we’ll send you a detailed activity statement that consolidates all transactions.
  • Access Online Reporting. Our online tool is available 24/7 to let you view recent deposits, statements, chargeback and retrieval requests or to access Customer Support.


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